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I am a lover of metaphor—perhaps, to a fault.  But when I came up with this one, I think I hit on something useful.  Because I believe that human beings:

  • are capable of extraordinary performance
  • deserve extraordinary care
  • function best when fully engaged

First on the list is performance.  Like the Ferrari, we humans have remarkable abilities.  We can display great courage, creativity, intellectual curiosity, love and empathy.  These are qualities we “live with” and too often take for granted, but they are miraculous.  Our souls are not 12-cylinder engines; they are exponentially more complex and capable of infinitely more acceleration.

Many of us live our lives as Camrys—reliable, yes, but sacrificing many of the heights that human beings can manifest when they are free from artificial constraints (like negative influences from psychological dynamics earlier in life or fear related to temporary setbacks later in life).

Second on the list is care.  There is no way to avoid all the speedbumps in life.  Hence, you are inevitably going to take your soul—i.e. your red Ferrari—over some.  And, as everyone knows, that often means bringing the Ferrari into the shop for repairs.  The Ferrari (and you) are such precision instruments that being fragile (to some real extent) is part of the deal.  That’s where diet, exercise, counseling, coaching, proper sleep, supplements, meditation and prayer come in.  If you respect the amazing, magical, miraculous machine you are, you’ll take care of it.

Third on the list is full engagement.  Ferraris need “exercise.”  Try confining them to pleasant drives at 20 miles per hour up and down side streets, and your Ferrari’s engine will not fare well.  The fluids that course through it need to cycle through the engine.  It needs to perform.  It is built to perform.

You are, too.  Try underachieving, and you will suffer, if not break down.  The universe wants your best.  It wants all of you.  You may think you have the choice whether to deliver it, but that is inaccurate.  You must deliver your best.

Ablow Rx:  Remember your soul is a red Ferrari.  Find your highway.  Drive like you mean it.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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