Posted: October 6, 2020 in: Pain-2-Power, Personal Empowerment

The Truth About Vampires

Regardless of one’s politics, it should be clear that recent posts on social networks hoping for President Trump to die are inappropriate.  Some call them inexplicable.  But they can be explained.

Those who wish death on others are modern-day vampires.  They thirst for the blood of others because they are themselves the walking dead—devoid of life energy.  They lack any true sense of SELF, any real individuality, hence they cannot value other individuals.

When a modern-day vampire imagines the demise of another human being—or calls for it—that person doesn’t think about the preciousness of human existence; that notion barely echoes in the empty vessel of his or her soul.

How are these vampires created?  The short answer is that they are created by other vampires who deprive them of their own life force.  These include those who abuse or neglect children (who were themselves almost always abused or neglected).

Vampires are also created, however, by very powerful forces in our society that are dehumanizing (think, Facebook) and that do not value individual liberty (think those who would destroy the Constitution of the United States, or the United States itself).

One thing to know about vampires is that they can be reborn.  The idea that a stake through the heart is the solution is the dangerous part of the legend of vampires.  The solution is to reconnect the vampire with the value of autonomy and love for self, because that renews his love for others.

See, no one who loves himself or herself could Tweet about wanting President Trump dead.  Those folks are cousins of Charles Manson who said, famously, upon being sentenced to death, “You can’t kill me; I’m already dead.”

Manson was right, of course—in the spiritual sense.  But he would have been wrong if he believed that resurrection—a transfusion of loving life force—was a priori impossible for him.

So this is my wish for anyone who wished President Trump would die from Covid:  May you be reborn, in this lifetime.  And may you, thereby, come to know the value of each and every human life.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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  1. Shannon Hawkins says:

    Very on point. Thank you Dr. Ablow. I used to watch your show and had your first book at one time. Very enlightening material. Started me on my journey to transformation.