Posted: May 15, 2020 in: Depression, Anxiety, Pain-2-Power, Personal Empowerment

There are Actually Three Pandemics Creating a Perfect Storm Pandemic

As America battles the Coronavirus pandemic, which truly is a public health emergency that merits our best efforts to contain it, there are two other pandemics sweeping America and the world that are at least as dangerous (and Coronavirus is itself very dangerous).

The second pandemic (depression and anxiety) is being caused by the rush to live online lives devoid of true human contact.  Study after study has proven that increased use of social networking, for example, increases the risk of depression. This is because social networking encourages people to cast themselves as characters in their own partly false narratives, eroding their sense of authenticity, integrity and real connectedness.  Add to that the loss of human emotional connection caused by masks that interfere with seeing facial expressions, as well as the risk of decreased physical activity due to stay-at-home orders and closed gyms, and the formula for a second pandemic of severe depression and severe anxiety is complete.

The third pandemic is the loss of autonomy and independent thinking—the risk of widespread infantilization of the population—that is being brought about by overreaching government curtailment of individual liberties, combined with irrational edicts promoted by scientists who insist they know for sure how to minimize the toll of Coronavirus, when they do not.  It isn’t necessary to impart dark motives to public health officials, in order to see that the policies they are espousing pose the very real risk that untold millions of people will collapse into reliance on “the state” for support and find it very difficult to find their own footing, again, as powerful individuals.  This will also fuel the epidemic of depression and anxiety because human beings do not thrive emotionally when they wander away or are detoured from the path self-determination.

The three pandemics—taken as a whole—represent a “perfect storm” pandemic that will cost America far more suffering than Coronavirus has alone (and that is massive suffering).  And what costs America costs the world more.  Because America is the shining beacon of faith and freedom on earth.  If our people are laid low by a perfect storm pandemic, made virulent by those among us who want to erode our resistance to tyranny, then the road back to well-being—to being ourSELVES—will be very long, indeed.

This pain we are living through called Coronavirus must be a chapter in our history that makes us more powerful as a people and as individuals.  And that will require a plan to immunize ourselves from becoming virtual, online beings, instead of human beings, from accepting false narratives, instead of truth and from accepting the invitation to be children, instead of free-thinking men and women.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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