Posted: May 6, 2020 in: Pain-2-Power, Faith

There is Always a Silver Lining ~ Kathryn O’Brien

The world has been filled with terrible events. Arguably, Coronavirus has had devastating effects on everyone, regardless of faith, socioeconomic status or age. It does not discriminate. Even those imprisoned have had to face new risks and challenges.

We have been shown in dramatic fashion that, in some ways, we do not have complete control over our destinies. This has always, of course, been the truth. We had forgotten that.

During our lifetimes we have been given so much—living in this great society—yet, for too many, it has never seemed like enough. We have worshiped the gods of power, control and money, at the expense of joy, peace, and mental health. It has been called a “rat race” for good reason.

Now, perhaps we can see things more clearly. We tend to blame another too much. We tend to get angry when we can’t have the full freedoms our great veterans fight for, rather than being reminded of what gifts those freedoms are. We feel bored having much less work to do, in order to climb an artificial ladder of success, or to keep spending money on unnecessary things, when our souls cry out for enrichment.

There is a silver lining to what we are going through. I’m not afraid to say that. The world has stopped moving so quickly. We have been given the opportunity for self-reflection. We have silent time to spend time with our hearts and souls.
Listening to our own thoughts can be very frightening. We have become conditioned to follow the crowd and think what we are told to think. So, we have forgotten how to think for ourselves.

George Bernard Shaw said, “Two percent of the people think, three percent of the people think they think, and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.”

We must be brave and use these days and weeks to reflect, with insight, by listening to our inner voices. By doing so, we will reconnect with ourselves. If we listen carefully and humbly, in fact, we will hear the word of God. Only when we are individually healed can we begin to heal this very sad and broken world.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe on your journey with yourself and with Him.

Kathryn O’Brien is a real estate professional and equestrian who lives on a farm in Newbury, Massachusetts.
Contact her at [email protected]

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