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Vampires are real.  No, not the ones that wait until sundown and then come out to sink their fangs into you and drain you of blood.  The real ones are far more subtle and far more dangerous—in part, because they are harder to recognize, sometimes until it is too late, and you are left anemic.

The vampires of whom I speak are emotional vampires.  They’re the ones that need to feast on your energy and self-esteem and life force, in order to offset the fact that their own bone marrow isn’t functioning.  That’s because they are avoiding their own pain, refusing to take the deep look at their own life histories that would empower them.  They can’t be reborn, because they won’t do the work.

It’s worth the time and effort identifying the vampires in your life.  You can do that by thinking who in your existence makes you feel depleted, instead of uplifted.  You can do that by thinking who opposes your dreams and aspirations.  You can do that by figuring out who makes you dependent on them, as though you can’t think for yourself, fend for yourself, create for yourself and achieve for yourSELF.

If you’ve become dependent on a vampire or more than one vampire, its essential you stop transfusing them with your blood (substitute, if you like, your energy).  They won’t stop when you’re feeling lightheaded.  They won’t stop when you faint.  They’ll stop only when you are one of the walking dead, like they are.

Surround yourself, instead, with those who tell you that you should pursue your dreams, that you can achieve them and that you can survive and thrive very well without them (even if they’re willing to help you along the way).

Might it be painful to remove emotional vampires from your life?  Sure.  It’s painful to put weight on a healing leg, in order to strengthen it, too.  It’s painful to do plenty of things in life that empower you.  But that’s no reason to avoid doing them.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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