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VennSure: A New Way to LOOK at Your Life

001Dr. Keith Ablow's VennSure

I’ve always loved Venn diagrams.  I think they make things clear.  Two circles overlap, leading to a shaded area.  But I have taken the concept further, as a tool I use with clients.  I call it VennSure.

There is no reason to think of a Venn Diagram as a black and white or one-dimensional drawing.  In fact, it can be used to think through all of the factors affecting (intersecting and shading)—in a positive or negative way—one’s company, a particular project, one’s life or a specific relationship.

Thinking first of how VennSure can clarify a relationship and set the stage to change it, picture the relationship as a circle.  Next, think of all of the factors that add to the relationship as smaller circles that shade the central circle with green.  And think of all the factors that detract from the relationship as circles that shade the central circle with red.

Each of the small circles can carry the initials of one of the people in the relationship or the other.  Let’s call those two people Jim Smith and Stacey Worth.


“The Venn Diagram can be used as a map to the architecture of a relationship, a company or one’s own life.”

–Dr. Keith Ablow


Jim is chronically late for plans with Stacey.  That’s a negative factor in the relationship, so that small circle (with Jim’s initials) overlaps the central Jim-Stacy circle and shades it with red.  On the other hand, Jim is a really good listener, so that small circle (with Jim’s initials) shades the central Jim-Stacy circle with green.

Stacey has trouble not flirting with other men.  So that quality becomes a small circle with her initials that shades the larger, central relationship circle with red.  She’s very generous, though, which translates to a small circle with her initials that shades the larger, central circle with green.

You get the idea.

Using this approach, and a variety of other simple ways to use circles and colors, allows a person to visualize the ways in which a wide variety of issues are impacting a relationship or business project or anything else important to that individual’s life.


“Many people need to SEE how factors, both positive and negative, are affecting them and then SEE how to accentuate the positive and diminish the negative.”

–Dr. Keith Ablow


It also provides a blueprint for positive change.

I work with my clients to create a strategic plan to free themselves from red shading and increase their exposure to the people, resources or influences that create green shading.  That way they can visualize needed changes and can SEE the evolving improvements in their relationships, business plans, habits, or anything else.

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