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Wait for It was recently made famous by the Broadway musical Hamilton.  The song revolves around Aaron Burr’s decision to wait for his time to prevail, despite the stark difference between his current difficulties and Alexander Hamilton’s successes.

I think that Wait for It has wider application as a reminder to us all that when we find ourselves in dark times, facing trials that test us, or reeling from losses that could seem overwhelming, we must maintain our faith.  We have to wait for it—meaning wait for the light, because it is coming.

Seen this way, there is no storm that won’t yield—ultimately—to the sun.  There is no night that won’t end in morning.  There is no despot who can hold back freedom, forever.

The truth always wins.  Honest effort, passion and determination always prevail.  Liberty always defeats tyranny.

Waiting doesn’t mean doing nothing.  One can wait for victory while battling greatly for it.  One can wait for lies to burn out in the sanctifying fire of the truth, while striving greatly to make the truth known.  One can wait for mankind to move toward a peaceful world while understanding that there will be necessary wars along the way.

In the end, you can’t keep people in servitude or keep people from speaking their minds or keep people from defending themselves or keep people from seeing reality.

The key to waiting for it is that it involves no wondering about the final outcome.  In the end, good overcomes evil. Period.  Without exception.  Believe it.  It is the nature of the universe.  In the end, moral courage defeats complicity with wrongdoers.  Period.  Without exception.  Believe it.

Wait for it.

While you’re waiting for it and working toward it, you should also be watching for it.  Stay alert.  Stay vigilant.  There will be breaks in the clouds, warmth after cold fronts, freedom after subjugation, resurrection after collapse, and, if you are a believer, life after every kind of death imaginable.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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