What Good is Being Asked of Me?

If there is a single question that can power your personal and professional success and also right the ship of life amidst stormy seas, it may be this:  What good is being asked of me?

The question is powerful, first and foremost, because it reflects a core belief in the existence of something far “bigger” than one’s ego-defined concept of self.  Something is asking the question.  And that presumes the existence of God, which others call the “Universe” or even “A Force that Connects Everything.”  The word choice matters less than the belief.  For hundreds of millions of people—and I hope for you—that means you are connected to a source of energy that never dissipates and will never fail you, as long as you remember it is there and seek it out.

The question is also powerful because it reminds you that you yourSELF aren’t “done.”  Not ever.  No matter what has happened.  No matter what anyone thinks or says.  The source of all energy in the world has filled you up for this journey through life, too—YOU, as an individual.  If you are being asked what good you can do, then you obviously aren’t powerless, even if you feel that way, at times.  That feeling is a myth of the mind.  A lie.  Your soul knows better.  Your soul knows never to surrender.

The third reason the question is so powerful is that it opens up your heart and directs you toward “the good” and away from counterproductive paths based solely on immediate goals or only on financial rewards or only on saving face or even on getting revenge for being unfairly treated.

  • If your business courses into complex, difficult times, the question will help focus your efforts on needed action to save it, yes. But it will also help focus those efforts on building or rebuilding the strongest and most worthy and worthwhile parts of it, while supporting others in the company who have the same goals.
  • If a loved one (God forbid) confronts illness, it will help you, even amidst your own suffering, to do what is needed for that person—and perhaps for others confronting illness, too.
  • If your country is mired in conflict and rage and fear, it will help clarify the words and actions you can put forward to help heal it.
  • If the pages of your life story take the story into chapters of darkness or peril or any kind of pain, the question will help you find your power, which is actually the power of God or the Universe or “A Force that Connects Everything.” Again, the word choice matters far less than the belief.

The fourth reason the question What Good is Being Asked of Me? is so powerful is that it inherently accepts that the source of potential power available to you is itself aligned with goodness and decency and healing and hope.  You can count on that source of power.  Truly.  Even when it seems that the lights will go out, that the shadows will win, that can’t happen if you remember the question and act on it.  It will never fail you.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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