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Whether you are running a corporation, starting up a company, sculpting, painting, writing running for office or starting a family, you should have a vision of what you hope to create.  The human imagination remains, for so many people, an untapped—or underutilized—treasure that can not only help you avoid obstacles by anticipating them, but also create a map that helps you “see” the goals you truly want and then actualize them.

One of the truly amazing things about a vision is that it can go viral and inspire others to adopt it and devote themselves to it.  But in order to do that, it has to be authentic for the person who shares it and has to be powerfully communicated.

There are certainly visions that sweep into one’s mind with great force and clarity.  But, more frequently, manifesting them requires dedicated time and introspection.  It will pay tremendous dividends for you to take that time and commit to that thought process.  Just some of the questions you will want to ask yourSELF and “see” the answers to might be:

  • Is the project or path I imagine one that truly merits my time and attention—is it worthy?
  • As I embark on this new project or path, what do I truly want to see it result in? What is my real goal?  What will I define as success?
  • What is the most magical, moving incarnation of this project or path? How can I best strike the balance between not limiting my vision, but not tilting it toward pie-in-the-sky fiction.
  • Since I am likely to need others to actualize the project or path, how can I communicate to them why they should help bring my vision into reality? Why should they devote themSELVES to it?
  • What am I willing to do to achieve my vision? Would I abandon it, ever?  What am I willing to put at risk to achieve it?  Is my risk-tolerance too high or too low?

In order to answer these questions in a meaningful, practical, yet passionate, way, it is absolutely critical to understand the visionary—that would be YOU.  If you have had a tendency to shy away from worthy goals, you’ll need to figure out why.  If you have had a tendency to embrace goals without understanding the arduous steps needed to make them happen, you’ll need to figure that out, instead.  If you have struggled to motivate others to embrace your vision when you need them to synergize with you, there’s an answer to that problem, too.

The likelihood that a vision is expansive enough and achievable is affected at least as much by the person imagining the goal as it is about the goal itself.

Self-examination doesn’t just clarify your internal landscape of thought and emotion; it clarifies the road ahead for everything you wish to manifest in this world.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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