Posted: May 24, 2022 in: Pain-2-Power

What the Hell is Going On?

The world may seem hard to make sense of right now, but there is one lens likely to bring everything into focus for you:  There is a massive struggle going on between forces that are grounded in reality and others hell bent on distorting or even destroying reality.

Let’s look at the dark side of the equation first.  It really shouldn’t come as any surprise that those who promote the idea of educating children to believe they might not be in the right bodies (having a gender that does not match their anatomy) are no friends of reality (i.e. truth).  There is precisely zero evidence that human beings are born with male anatomy and an XY chromosome, but are actually female.  Zero.  It is, barring any actual evidence emerging, nothing other than a dangerous fiction.

It also should not come as any surprise that companies like Facebook (now Meta) are investing in cleaving human beings from their physical and psychological realities and offering them technologies to leave reality behind—like high tech heroin.  They do this in part for profit and in part, I believe, as part of an inherent distrust of and distaste for the individual as an autonomous being who is laced rather inextricably to this time and this place and, therefore, has a vested interest in both.

Many political leaders are denying the reality of America having borders, of capital resources being finite, of economic laws applying to… well…  the economy.

There is precious little appetite amongst most folks to even figure out if our elected officials were actually elected consistent with state and federal law.

The reality haters also hate God because they want the state to be the most powerful force in the universe.  An individual’s true connection to the infinite, to the universe or to God (the particular word doesn’t matter, in making my point) is a threat to those who want to bend reality and the truth into pretzels of illogical, unproven and toxic sociological, psychological, economic and geopolitical theories that syphon off power from people and feed that insatiable beast they call “government.”

Those who love and respect truth are left to resist the obliteration of reality by summoning facts, seeking redress in the highest courts in the land and, when possible, resisting edicts that require them to agree that the king is wearing clothes when the naked truth is quite the opposite.

The difficulty of waging a war against fiction is that it is more arduous to put forward a factual argument.  It requires data and discernment, research and responsibility.  How much freer the reality haters are to simply make things up.  After all, since their agenda is to confuse and weaken people, it makes no sense for them to remain tied to accepted rules of debate.   Why would they sweat the details and appeal to people’s ability to reason when the ability to reason is what they want to crush?

Now, here’s why the most trouble is still only brewing:  The truth always wins.  See, when the reality haters run in the direction of disinformation and destruction of facts, they are running against the tide.  And there will be hell to pay when the waves of fact come crashing down upon them (and us, since we have yielded or lost to them, in many cases).  Economic principles will reassert themselves with a vengeance.  The fact that we have lost respect for our own nation’s Constitution will make us vulnerable to our enemies.  The fact that we have lost respect for the individual and for forces far greater than the state will force us to walk through fire, in order to again find ourSELVES.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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