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When Your Life Story Includes Painful Chapters, Keep “Writing”

Only when it comes to living our lives do we sometimes believe the narrative has veered into intractable darkness.  We can be tempted to put down our metaphorical pens because we feel we no longer have the power to “write” chapters of future success, of redemption, of forgiveness, of healing.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The key is to keep “writing” chapters more and more true to who you really are, deep inside.  The miracle of being human is that missteps and mistakes are manifestations of life stories that are based on faulty foundations that can be fixed.  Always.  Every single time.

The key is to expect success—around every corner, from the next chance meeting, from a moment of inspiration, from hard work, from boldly embracing a dream that has been put off for too long, from the healing power of faith itself.

As I have told many clients, no one walks out of a movie theater because the main character is in deep trouble.  We wait for the storyline to brighten.  We expect success is in the offing.  No one puts down a novel because the heroine has lost a treasured relationship or even finds herself alone in life.  We anticipate she will be surprised by finding love, again.  No one concludes that someone profiled in the media for losing a fortune will never be fortunate, again.  We know that a comeback could be in the making.  The story of every defeat should end with ellipses

We need to summon the same intention and expectation of better times to come when we confront pain in our own lives. It’s hard.  Believe me, I know.  It can take the kind of resolve that a marathon runner summons in the middle of the race, running uphill, in pain, when there seems to be no room in his mind to imagine a downhill slope, a cup of water and wind at his back—never mind crossing the finish line, feeling triumphant.

Success, not failure, is the natural state of human beings.  We are conveyed, inexorably, toward it.  Even when we stumble, we are stumbling forward.

How can this mindset be attained and maintained?  One way is to acknowledge the pain of a setback or defeat, while simultaneously resolving to endure any amount of it, in order to reach true happiness and success.  This is the marathoner’s way.  It is also the backbone of biblical stories like that of the Israelites wandering the desert for 40 years before being led into the Promised Land.  It is also the story of every individual who keeps writing the best possible pages of his or her life story.

Trust me:  If you believe it won’t, then the ink will never run dry.  Not ever.  Every single day and every single hour we each have the absolute opportunity to keep the narrative moving forward.  And is that, in and of itself, not a miracle?

Dr. Keith Ablow


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  1. Luanne Marcotte says:

    Perfectly said..Thank you Dr Ablow