Posted: June 11, 2021 in: Personal Empowerment

Who Has Your Back – As in, REALLY Has Your Back

Every Pain-2-Power person has, or is intent on developing, the strength to stand on his or her own two feet.  After all, if you can endure pain, learn to take lessons from it and even see the opportunity in every kind of challenge, you don’t need to lean on anyone.  That’s different, though, from relying on a few people who will stand with you, no matter what.

It really doesn’t even have to be a few people, by the way.  Having one other person in this world who knows you and loves you and will go to war with you is like having an army.  No kidding.  1 + 1 can equal 1,111 when factoring in the synergy of a true, unyielding partnership in life or business or politics.  If that sounds like something spiritual, immeasurable and even mystical, that’s because it is.

The person who REALLY has your back will stand with you against an army of detractors.  That person will stand with you when your luck is down or you’ve gone bankrupt or your business is on the ropes or your marriage is failing or your campaign for office has hit a roadblock.  That person is the ace up your sleeve because if you know one person in this world loves you, for sure, for real, come what may, you’re a force to be reckoned with.  Taking on a loner is one thing; taking on a person who knows—in the core of his or her being—that he or she is not alone is a war.

Who is that person for you?  Who could be that person?  Treasure the relationship.  Nurture it.  Guard it.  It is gold.  Let the person know that you know how valuable he or she is to you.  Do it face-to-face, if you can.  Do it in a handwritten note.  Do it by phone.  But don’t do it by email.  Email reduces the meaning of everything by a factor of 10.

Will life continue to bring you pain?  Of course.  That’s the nature of existence.  It’s what you do with that pain that matters.  And knowing that you are not alone, that someone has your back for real, makes it a whole lot easier to do the most with everything that visits you.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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