Posted: November 5, 2020 in: Personal Empowerment, Pain-2-Power

You Are What You Create, and What You Create Should Come from Who You Truly Are

Whether you are the founder of a company or a sculptor, the ideal creative manifestations you bring to the world should be from your core.  Your core insights.  Your core impulses.  Your core beliefs.  Your imagination.  In this way, the act of creating reaches its zenith when it is an act of SELF-expression.  In order to achieve that level of creativity, personal authenticity is required.

The combination of developing oneSELF is, therefore, deeply linked to optimizing one’s one’s creative power and then deploying it as a product, or a painting, or a book, or a speech.

That’s why I started Keith Ablow Creative – in order to defeat any hurdles to the most powerful possible forms of self-expression.


Keith Ablow Creative


It is my pleasure, therefore, to begin occasionally sharing blogs on creativity here at  The first of these addresses the fact that what you create lasts forever.  Doubt that?  Read on . . .


What You Create is Forever

Keith Ablow-WhatYouCreateisForever


Dr. Keith Ablow


One response to “You Are What You Create, and What You Create Should Come from Who You Truly Are”

  1. Anne McCabe says:

    The brain is a beautiful thing but sadly for some ideas simply end in the mind. Maybe there is an absence of creativity because of never having explored anything but that which is analytical. Anyway, working at the transformation of a particular thought into an action sounds like fun.