You Can Become More Powerful Than Ever

You can be more powerful than ever.  These are more than pretty words.  They’re the truth.  How can I be so sure?  For one thing, if you’re still reading this, you’re not convinced it is impossible to become stronger than you have ever been.  Were you, you wouldn’t have even gotten past the title.  You certainly wouldn’t go on to the paragraph following this one.  So . . . if I haven’t lost you yet, that’s because you suspect that the best chapters of your life story can still unfold—and you’re right.

How can that happen?  There are a number of ways.  Let me outline a few.


It is Very Possible that You Have Not Yet Expressed One of Your Core Talents:

Most people are made anxious by the depth of passion they feel for one of their gifts.  It can be leadership or creativity or financial or technological prowess.  That anxiety can stand in the way of self-expression, but only until the gift is uncovered and the anxiety is managed.

Other people are also made anxious by your gift.  And that’s usually because they are not in touch with their own.  Your underlying potential is an uncomfortable reminder of their own.  Once these detractors are recognized as untrustworthy, you become more courageous in pursuing your dream or dreams.


It is Very Possible that You are Not Living Your Own Life

What do I mean?  How could that be?  Think of a Venn Diagram.  None of us is a perfect circle.  We are eclipsed (the shaded area of two overlapping circles) by the actions and opinions of others, including parents, spouses, friends and colleagues.  This can be so much the case that one is not, for all intents and purposes, living one’s own life.  Too little of our own circle is unshaded.

The beauty of realizing this is that it is relatively easy to identify who the encroachers are.  In so doing, clarity begins to take hold.  More and more territory of the self is reclaimed.  And the self is very powerful; it shines very brightly as soon as it is no longer eclipsed (or not eclipsed so much).


There is Magic in a Team of Two Dedicated to You Becoming More Powerful

It’s tough to see yourSELF.  Think, again, of the anxiety involved and the shading involved.  Having someone on your team of two who is trained to see you and to help usher you “into the light” is a very wise way to proceed.  If that sounds like a sales pitch for me or for Pain-2-Power, it is and it isn’t.  Yes, I love doing this work and think you should proceed with it.  But, no, it really doesn’t matter to me who you do it with, provided that person is able to make it happen.  I know I can.  There are others who can, as well.


Pick your partner.  Get started.  And don’t stop short of actualizing your core gift and reaching your most treasured goal.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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