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A friend of mine and I used to quietly celebrate when an idea for a project or a decision about how to move a relationship forward just seemed to “click.”  We’d look at one another and say, “Yup.”

Yup was our way of verbalizing the feeling you get in your gut when the myriad of variables that factor into a gripping understanding of a problem suddenly added up.  It was our far lower key way of yelling Eureka!

Yup moments require analytic thought, but occur at a level beyond all thought.  They are products of an immeasurable combination of analysis, conscious and unconscious memory, intuition and imagination, often working simultaneously to solve a riddle.

There are a number of ways to increase the likelihood of experiencing Yup moments.  Here are three:

  • First, you have to listen for Yup. You don’t listen with your ears, of course.  You listen with your mind and your heart.  Yup moments feel like the cylinders of a combination lock spinning into alignment with that final stop of the dial.  That’s it:  All is aligned.


  • Second, in order to feel Yup moments, you would do well to get rid of the emotional “noise” in your life created by pages and chapters of your life story that you have yet to examine, understand, make peace with and derive power from.


  • Third, sometimes you should try to “insist on” Yup moments before making significant personal or professional decisions. Resisting decision made with intellect alone or made half-heartedly is like going to a gym to work out your “gut”—just a different gut, in this case.

You may be having more Yup moments than you might imagine, by the way.  Noticing minor ones also increases the likelihood of experiencing more substantial ones.  I have them while writing, for instance.  When the words of a sentence flow, I could (but don’t 🙂 ) footnote that sentence with a *Yup.  But I think readers get the Yup, anyhow.  You may have them when you say exactly what you mean about an issue, when you tell a friend or a family member exactly how you feel about them, when you pick the perfect marketing plan, when you tweak an entrepreneurial idea in just the right way, when you connect at a deep level of understanding with any human being, or just when you are standing in the right place to catch the perfect view of a sunset.  Yup.  That, too.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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